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Morpheus 8

3 Sep, 2021 | naturalheaven | No Comments

Morpheus 8


As we age, there may come a time when we look in the mirror and almost see a stranger
looking back at us. Aging can take a real toll on our self-confidence and self-image. Sagging skin
and drooping areas of our face can make us nervous getting our picture taken, attending
weddings or meeting old friends. If you are dealing with unwanted signs of aging on your face,
there is a solution.

What is Morpheus8?
Morpheus 8 is a device designed to combine micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF) to achieve
deep fractional remodeling. Morpheus 8 does not just address superficial tissue; it directs energy
toward the fat that is notorious for creating jowls, bra rolls, and more.
Microneedling involves the use of an FDA-approved device equipped with tiny microneedles
that create invisible micro-injuries in the skin. It is non-surgical advanced needling treatment.
Fractionated RF energy is a scientifically proven method to reduce wrinkles and rebuild
collagen and fat. RF energy heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled manner to revitalize
the collagen. These micro-injuries activate an instant wound-healing response in your body,
stimulating new collagen production and repairing the skin for a more radiant and youthful
appearance. In a series of monthly sessions, microneedling can help to reveal a more youthful
and flawless complexion with long-lasting results.
Morpheus8 combines these two processes to reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity, smooth scars and
erase imperfections on the skin’s surface. With a series of treatments, you can turn back the
clock on worn skin and allow you to enjoy a more radiant, youthful complexion for

Can Anyone Use Morpheus8?
The benefit of Morpheus8’s color blind technology is that it can be used on all skin types. It is
different from other resurfacing methods; its unique properties allow even darker tones to be
treated with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
What Areas Can Be Treated?
The most commonly treated areas include the face and neck, as well as the abdomen, which is
beneficial for tightening loose skin with underlying fatty tissue.
How long does Morpheus8 last?

Morpheus8 lasts about 1 year, but can be up to 3 years, with annual visits to maintain collagen
production. With a series of treatments, microneedling can turn back the clock on worn

Is morpheus8 worth it?
If you’re interested in non-surgical anti-aging and scar revision treatments, Morpheus is
definitely worth considering. It is also the perfect time to get started because you’ll be glowing
and fabulous for the holiday season.
Is morpheus8 treatment safe?
Morpheus8 is both safe and effective. It’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The
innovative technology also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is a
side effect of some resurfacing techniques.
How Often Can I Have a Morpheus8 Treatment?

It takes 28 days to make new collagen. Your skin will continue to remodel for 3 months.
However, you can stack treatments as close as 1 month apart and the results will compound upon
each other. Typically, a person in their 50’s and above will have a series of 3 Morpheus8
treatments performed with each treatment spaced 6 weeks apart.
Can Morpheus8 Be Used on Stretch Marks?
Yes, Morpheus8 decreases the appearance of stretch marks.
Change: If your dull or aging skin could use a refresh or you wish to minimize the
appearance of acne scars and wrinkles, call us to schedule a consultation!