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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Forma V, Votiva by InMode FAQ

We don’t talk about it often, but many women share the same feminine health concerns.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation? 

There can be many underlying causes for your vaginal health concerns. The two leading causes for changes in vaginal health are hormonal fluctuations and childbirth. Hormonal changes associated with aging often lead to physical side effects, such as a thinning of vaginal tissue, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual activity. Childbirth can also affect vaginal health, as the tissues and muscles of the vagina stretch during childbirth, which can also cause a loss of sensation and a dropping of the pelvic wall. These causes of vaginal health concerns are common to women at any point in life. Votiva by InMode?

Symptoms like vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal tone, and pain with intercourse are all common concerns that can be addressed with Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation, Votiva by InMode, and women of every age can benefit.

After childbirth and menopause, many women experience a change in vaginal tone, which can lead to stress incontinence and decreased sensation during intercourse; there can also be an alteration in the shape and size of the labia. Similarly, with menopause, some changes can occur to the vaginal tissue; vaginal dryness is a primary concern for many peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation, with Votiva by InMode, is highly versatile in treating various conditions and is valuable for women in every stage of life.

Our skilled female Physician will meet with you before treatment and discuss your specific concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that you feel great about.

This quick, painless treatment will help you restore your confidence. The vaginal tone is affected by childbirth and aging, and this change in tone can alter the bladder’s function. Stress urinary incontinence is prevalent. Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation, with Votiva by InMode, works to regenerate this tissue and strengthen the existing structures offering
internal support.

Benefits of the treatment:

– Increases vaginal sensitivity
– Tightening of the vaginal vault: Restores vaginal strength and tone, such as in the Kegel muscles
– Increased lubrication: Improves vaginal dryness atrophy
– Reduces stress urinary incontinence
– Reduces vaginal pain
– Improves the external appearance: improvement of labial laxity
– Improves sexual interest and pleasure

How can non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation improve my sexual experience and overall health?

When you feel confident about yourself, it affects every aspect of your health. Intercourse can be painful when the vaginal tissue is dry. With three simple non-surgical treatments, you can see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your vulvovaginal area, and functional issues like dryness and laxity can be improved.

I have had issues with vaginal dryness for years, can Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva by InMode help with this?

Yes! Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation targets the tissue responsible for creating lubrication in the vaginal area.

When will I see the results of my Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments, and how long will the results last?

Patients report immediate changes; even after one 15-minute treatment session, you can experience the benefits of Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation. Most women benefit from three sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Your results are best maintained with yearly or semi-annual maintenance treatments.

Are the treatments painful? What do I need to do to prepare for the treatments?

Good news: Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva by InMode is painless! You can feel a warming sensation during each Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation session. Women should not be on their menstrual cycle, and hair will need to be removed from the treatment area.

How long does the treatment take? Is there any downtime associated with being treated?

Depending on the areas being treated, the sessions last 30 minutes. There is minimal downtime associated with Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation. We will ask you to abstain from intercourse for 72 hours and avoid hot tubs, pools, and bathtubs for three days following your treatment.

I may want to have more children. Can I still have Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva by InMode treatments?

Our team is excited to meet with you and discuss your goals, and we will create a unique treatment regimen for your specific concerns and lifestyle! Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation is for women of all ages and stages of life. Women who have never been pregnant or had multiple children can all be candidates for Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva by InMode.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most patients need three to five consecutive treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. The number of treatment sessions you need will depend on your exact needs and the degree of your feminine health concerns. For example, if your concerns include mild external laxity, you may only need one or two sessions. If you have concerns about internal laxity or atrophy, you may need three or four sessions. We will help you determine how many sessions you need to achieve your desired results.

Is Forma V Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva by InMode Safe?

The FDA approved this treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, which includes treating stress urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and decreased sexual sensitivity. This treatment is unique because it is a safe alternative to surgical vaginal rejuvenation techniques, such as labiaplasty. Treatments cleared by the FDA undergo rigorous clinical trials and testing to determine their efficacy of the treatments. Our staff will be glad to go over any health and safety questions you may have.

What Causes Vaginal Health Concerns?

There can be many underlying causes for your vaginal health concerns. The two main causes for changes in vaginal health are hormonal fluctuations and childbirth. Hormonal changes associated with aging often lead to physical side effects, such as a thinning of vaginal tissue, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual activity. Childbirth can also affect vaginal health, as the tissues and muscles of the vagina stretch during childbirth, which can also cause a loss of sensation and a dropping of the pelvic wall. These causes of vaginal health concerns are common to women at any point in life.

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PRP Joint Injections

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a Regenerative Injection Therapy used to treat many soft tissue injuries (tendons and ligaments).

How is PRP Therapy Performed?

PRP involves taking blood from a vein in the arm and placing it into a special centrifuge. The platelets are separated from the rest of the blood components and then are combined with a unique substrate to enhance the effects. This is then injected into the injured or painful area. Once healing takes place, over the course of a few weeks, the pain should lessen.

Is this the same as a cortisone injection?

No. Cortisone injections are synthetic corticosteroids injected in the joints or areas of soft tissue to reduce pain and inflammation. While cortisone injections in limited amounts can be helpful, they do not alter the underlying cause (disease process) and, therefore, often have to be repeated. There are many documented risks of having “too much cortisone” and suppression of the immune system. PRP involves using the patient’s own blood, which contains natural growth factors that promote tissue regeneration and decreased inflammation. PRP is aimed at being a curative treatment, whereas cortisone is not. PRP does not carry the same side effects as cortisone.

What Musculoskeletal conditions can be treated with PRP?

Neck and back pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, knee pain, Knee bursitis, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, chronic ankle pain, Achilles tendonitis, and hip bursitis.

How do I know if I am a candidate for PRP?

A consultation is required before any treatment may take place. The consultation includes a comprehensive review of your complaints and medical history and a thorough examination. Diagnostic studies will be reviewed and ordered at the time of the consultation to determine the cause of your complaint(s). Once a diagnosis is established, Dr. Thangavelu will discuss treatment options with you, including if you are a candidate for PRP. Often, other non-surgical treatments may be tried first. PRP is usually just one element of a comprehensive treatment program.

Is PRP painful?

While everyone’s pain tolerances vary, patients report a range of discomfort from mild to moderate. A needle is used to draw blood from a vein in the arm initially, and then small needles are used to perform the actual injection(s).

How many injections will I need?

This is no universal answer to this question. Typically one to three injections. Much of this depends on the chronicity and location of your problem. Some patients can successfully be treated with one injection, while others require multiple injections over a time period to eliminate or reduce pain to an acceptable level.

How long does PPR take to perform?

Depending on the number of areas being treated, most procedures will be completed in 30 – 45 minutes.

How do I know if PRP helped me?

The answer to this is simple. PRP does not “mask” your pain and other symptoms like pain medication. If PRP has helped you, you will notice a difference in your overall pain level and function. Many patients will see an increase in overall pain levels initially. Still, as the healing process occurs, symptoms are expected to resolve gradually over the course of four to six weeks on average. Much depends on the patient’s overall level of health, age, diet, and activity levels. For some patients, repeat treatments may be needed.

How long does the PRP effect last?

This is different for everyone. Much depends on the underlying disease process and whether there has been a recurrent injury to the affected area. It is impossible to predict if and when further treatments will be needed for a specific condition. In some cases, patients return months or years later for repeat PRP injections.

What are possible side effects?

As with any type of injection, there is a small risk of infection, injury to blood vessels, and risk of bleeding. When injected, there is a small risk of injury to a tendon or ligament. While not truly considered a side effect, many patients will experience increased pain or discomfort for a temporary period following the treatment. If you have been ill or running a fever, it is advisable to discuss this with the physician before considering this type of treatment.

What can I do after having PRP?

It is recommended that you drink plenty of fluids following your treatment. Your physician will advise you to limit strenuous activity such as working out for a certain period. You should also avoid using anti-inflammatory medications (Ex: Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.) for at least four weeks- these medications inhibit the body’s ability to heal.

It is important that you also complete follow-up visits so that the physician can evaluate your progress. Skipping appointments and waiting too long may compromise the effect of future treatments. Specific instructions will be provided at the time of your treatment. A structured rehabilitation program will often be included with PRP injections.

What is the difference between PRP and Stem Cells?

PRP is used to treat conditions that often can heal themselves but may require a “jumpstart.” In contrast, stem cells are used in cases of more advanced conditions such as degenerative arthritis, bony defects, and in cases of spinal disc degeneration.

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PRP Hair Loss FAQ

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is concentrated blood plasma that contains approximately three to five times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood. In addition to the platelets, it contains growth factors and other proteins that aid in wound healing and hair growth.

What does the PRP treatment do?

PRP is used to halt or reverse miniaturization, the process that causes common baldness.

How does PRP work?

Your doctor uses PRP to stimulate the growth of follicles, which reverses the hair miniaturization (thinning hair) seen in androgenic alopecia (common baldness).

What are the benefits of treatment with PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma offers an additional way to stimulate hair growth, especially in people who cannot use other forms of treatment. For example, it may be useful if someone is not a candidate for a hair transplant, or cannot use finasteride.

It is also useful in the treatment of crown thinning where a hair transplant may not be appropriate.

What is the treatment schedule?

If PRP hair loss therapy is appropriate, we can begin your treatment at the time of your consultation. We will administer the next two treatments at 6-week intervals. You will be asked to return 3 months later. At this visit (6 months from your first treatment) your response will be assessed. If you show improvement, follow-up treatments will be given twice yearly depending on your progress.

When should I expect to see the results?

Patients usually see results in 3 to 6 months. However, the response time may be variable.

How long does PRP treatment take?

It’s done during a simple office visit; about 30-45 minutes. You can go back to your regular routine after the treatment.

Will it work on a balding area?

It works best where there is existing thinning hair.

Will it work for me?

There is an individualized response to this treatment with a spectrum of effectiveness. It does not work in all cases. Patients are monitored to assess the benefits of therapy.

Will my head be sore afterward?

You may have some very temporary soreness and swelling, but many patients experience nothing.

How many injections are done throughout the scalp?

It depends on the area. The doctor will determine this at the time of treatment.

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IV Hydration FAQ

How does IV Vitamin Therapy work?
IV Vitamin Therapy works by administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream,
bypassing the digestive system. This provides increased cell absorption and 100% bio availability of vitamins
via IV infusion. Booster shots are administered via intramuscular (IM) injection so there is no GI metabolism,
which also allows for increased absorption. With oral supplements, you only get about 20% absorption after
filtering through your digestive system, which clearly pales in comparison to IV vitamins.

How long does IV Drip Therapy last?
After an IV infusion, the vitamins remain in your system and maintain your levels for 2-3 weeks.

How often should I have an IV Drip?
The frequency of IV Drip therapy is determined on a patient by patient basis, we take a customized approach
to suit your individual needs. Some patients get progressively better and after a series of treatments they no
longer require ongoing weekly IV therapy, only monthly treatments to maintain balance. Other patients need
regular vitamin injections in order to help alleviate symptoms of their chronic or common medical conditions.

Does it hurt?
Everyone varies on their fear of needles and we understand that. Our certified medical staff is highly
experienced and thoroughly trained. We utilize a topical numbing agent and great care to make any discomfort
barely noticeable.

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The P-Shot FAQ

What is platelet rich plasma (PRP)?

PRP is plasma with many more platelets than are typically found in blood. Because of the platelets are so concentrated, growth factors can be 5 to 10 times richer than regular blood. To obtain PRP, blood is drawn from the patient
and the platelets are separated from other blood cells through a process called a centrifugation.

A nude young man covering himself with a towel as copy space

Who is a good candidate for the P-Shot?

Patients who have:

– Decreased sensation and pleasure
– Inability to achieve a full erection
– Medical Conditions such as obesity, Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
– Side effects of medication
– Difficulty maintaining your erection until your partner is satisfied
– Decrease in size (typically seen with normal aging)
– Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis that causes pain or an inability to have sex)
– Prostate issues (Prostate Cancer / Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH))

What is in the P Shot?
The key in gradient in the P Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors in your blood into an injectable treatment. The PRP in the P Shot helps to improve blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer, and more sustainable erections. 

How fast can I see results?
Many men experience improved girth with the P Shot almost immediately after the procedure. Increases in the health and function of the penis are expected to occur approximately 3 weeks after the procedure. 

Are there any side effects? Risks? Downtime?
The P Shot is an in-office procedure. It takes about 30 minutes, and there is minimal discomfort and no downtime. Since it is made from your own blood, there are little or no side effects.  Many men are able to have sex the same day of the procedure.

Where is the penis injection given?
The Priapus injection is applied to the parts of your penis that are most important to sexual arousal and erectile function.

Is it painful? Does the P Shot hurt?
Before giving the injection, we apply a local anesthetic (numbing cream) and/or a nerve block as needed to the penis. The anesthetic results is minimal to no discomfort.

How much increase in size can I expect?
It can take time to realize the results from the P Shot, however after about 8-12 weeks, increases in both length and girth have been reported. As with any medical procedure, not all patients will experience every benefit of the P-Shot®.

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Medical Acupuncture FAQ

What do the acupuncture needles feel like? Do they hurt?

People experience acupuncture needles differently.  Most patients feel only minimal pain as the
needles are inserted; some feel no pain at all.  Once the needles are in place, there should be no pain

How deep do the needles go in?
That depends on the nature of the problem, the location of the points selected, the patient’s size, age,
and constitution, and upon the acupuncturist’s style or school. Usually, needles are inserted from ¼
to 1 inch in depth.

Will acupuncture cure my problem?
The treatments themselves do not cure a condition. They can, however, help a patient heal a
condition by stimulating the patient’s natural mechanism for healing.

How many treatments do I need?
That depends upon the duration, severity, and nature of your complaint. You may need only a single
treatment for an acute condition. A series of five to fifteen treatments may resolve many chronic
problems. Some degenerative conditions may require many treatments over time.

What if I am healthy? Can acupuncture prevent future problems or enhance health?
Yes.  Acupuncture has traditionally been used as a preventive medicine, and for health maintenance.
Recent research has verified that acupuncture stimulates immune function, which increases resistance
to bacterial and viral infections. Many people find that occasional acupuncture "tune-ups" help them
to feel "in sync". Studies show that people receiving regular acupuncture get sick less often and
recover more quickly, and have markedly fewer long term health care costs.

What does acupuncture treat?
Acupuncture successfully treats: 
• Chronic and acute pain Migraines/Headaches
•  Depression/anxiety
•  Digestive disorders
• Sinusitis  
• Hypertension
• Insomnia
• Sciatica
•  Chronic Diarrhea Constipation
• Asthma/Allergies
• Bronchitis
• PMS/Menopausal symptoms

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What is Botox or Xeomin ?                                                                                                                      

Botox and Xeomin are neuromodulators injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults.
Botox and Xeomin contain botulinum toxin type A, a protein purified from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Face of a beautiful girl with smoky eyes makeup posing at studio over dark background

How do neuromodulators work?                                                                                                                     
When you squint or frown, the muscles between your eyebrows contract, causing the skin to furrow and fold.
Over time, these repeated contractions can cause persistent frown lines. Botulinum toxin type A acts on nerve
endings in muscles to prevent muscle fibers from contracting. By reducing these contractions, Botox and Xeomin can
temporarily reduce the lines between your eyebrows.

Are Neuromodulators proven?      
Short answer- yes! The FDA approved Botox and Xeomin for use in glabellar lines in 2011.
Xeomin® was proven effective in two randomized, double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled clinical trials
of 547 healthy, adult patients. The average age of patients in the study was 46 years. Patients received 20 Units
of Xeomin® and were classified as responders if they had a 2-grade improvement on a 4-point scale as assessed
by the physician and patient. Using these criteria, treatment success was higher with Botox and Xeomin than placebo on
Day 30 in both studies (60% and 48% vs. 0% for placebo in both studies). 

How do I know if Botox or Xeomin is right for me?                                                                                           
 If you are an adult with moderate to severe glabellar lines, neuromodulators may be right for you. Talk to your doctor
to discuss the benefits and risks of treatment. 

Do not use Botox or Xeomin ®  if:
– you are allergic to botulinum toxin or any of the other ingredients in Botox or Xeomin ®     
– you have had an allergic reaction to any other botulinum toxin product  
– you have a skin infection at the planned injection site.

What should I tell my doctor before treatment?                                                                            
Before receiving treatment with Botox or Xeomin®, you should tell your doctor about all of your medical conditions,
including whether you:

– have a disease that affects your muscles and nerves
– have allergies to any botulinum toxin product, or 
– have experienced any side effect from any other botulinum toxin in the past. 

Tell your doctor about your medical history and all the medicines you take, including prescription and
nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your doctor if you have received
any other botulinum toxin product in the last four months or in the past. Be sure your doctor knows exactly
which product(s) you received and when you received them.

What can I expect during treatment?                                                                                                                  
During treatment, which usually takes about 10-20 minutes, your doctor will inject Botox or Xeomin® into the muscles
in your forehead that cause frown lines between your eyebrows. No anesthesia is required; however, your
physician may use a topical anesthetic or cold pack to reduce any discomfort.

When can I expect to see results?                                                                                                                       
You may begin to see visible smoothing as early as 3-4 days after injection. The median first onset of effect
was less than a week. The maximum effect occurred at 30 days. The typical duration of effect was up to 3
months in clinical trials but may last significantly longer or shorter in individual patients.

What are the most common side effects of Neuromodulators?
Botox and Xeomin® may cause serious side effects, including allergic reactions. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to
Botox and Xeomin® may include: itching, rash, redness, swelling, wheezing, asthma symptoms, or dizziness or feeling
faint. Tell your doctor or seek medical help right away if you have wheezing, experience other asthma
symptoms, or if you become dizzy or faint. In clinical trials of Botox and Xeomin® for the treatment of frown lines
between the eyebrows, headache was the most common side effect. Neuromodulators may cause loss of strength or
general muscle weakness, blurred vision, or drooping eyelids within hours to weeks of taking Botox or Xeomin®. If this
happens, do not drive a car, operate machinery, or do other dangerous activities. Tell your doctor if you have
any side effect that bothers you or that does not subside. These are not all of the possible side effects of
Botox or Xeomin®. 

Are you concerned about looking plastic or overdone?                                                                                    
This is a common concern people have when considering an in-office treatment for frown lines. The best
course of action is to talk it out with your licensed, trained, healthcare professional. 
Have a detailed discussion with your provider. You want to talk through every concern you have, until you feel
comfortable. Your provider can determine the right options for you. For example, the most widely used
procedure for moderate to severe frown lines is neurotoxin injections, a class of prescription medication that
has been shown to be effective in many studies. Ask for an FDA-approved product, such as Botox or Xeomin ® .
Individual results may vary.

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BHRT Hormone Therapy

Hormones are chemical messengers that affect just about every physiological process in the
human body. Imbalanced hormone levels do not usually happen suddenly.

Your body’s hormones control most of your basic bodily functions. They serve as an internal
communication system between cells throughout the body. They coordinate everything from
digestion and growth to your appetite, immune function, mood, and libido. When your hormones
are out of balance, even slightly, it can have a big impact on your health and well-being.

What is BHRT?

Men and women of all ages can experience changes over time, and bioidentical hormones can
provide relief. BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) is for the treatment of
women's deficiencies, using only molecules that are identical to the hormones found in the
human body.

BHRT utilizes these natural hormones to restore levels and optimize health and wellness.

BHRT can help with many conditions and symptoms like:
1. Weight Control
2. Fatigue & Energy Loss
3. Lost Libido
4. Sleeplessness
5. Memory Loss & Concentration
6. Skin Tone & Appearance
7. Hair Loss

It may also be used to improve symptoms of cancer treatment or to treat conditions such as:
8. insulin resistance
9. adrenal and thyroid disorders
10. osteoporosis
11. fibromyalgia

Bioidentical hormones: man-made hormones derived from plant estrogens that are chemically
identical to those the human body produces.

Who Uses BHRT?

BHRT is typically used as people age and hormone levels drop, particularly for women who are
in perimenopause or menopause. It’s used to increase the levels of the hormones that have
dropped and improve moderate to severe menopause symptoms, including:
– hot flashes
– night sweats
– mood changes
– memory loss
– weight gain
– sleep issues
– loss of interest in sex or pain during sex

In addition to helping with symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may also reduce your risk
for diabetes, tooth loss, and cataracts. There’s some evidence that it can help improve skin
thickness, hydration, and elasticity, and even reduce wrinkles.

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Physician-Guided Weight Loss

Are you unhappy with your weight? Medical weight loss may be the perfect plan for the perfect you! Dr. Thangavelu founded Wellness Medical Clinic, Physician Guided Weight Loss Program in Tallahassee, Florida to make medical weight loss effective and affordable for you.

We can help everyone! From people who have a few extra pounds and difficulty getting rid of the weight, to those who are extremely overweight, and even those who feel like diet and exercise have failed them countless times- we are here for you.

Medical weight loss

Is Physician Guided Weight Loss safe?

Physician Guided Weight Loss is extremely safe. As the name implies, Physician Guided Weight Loss relies on the supervision of a licensed doctor. Unlike other “fad diets” in the market, with a Physician Guided Weight Loss plan you will have a trusted, expert medical resource to monitor your progress.

Medical weight loss includes comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor physiological shifts throughout the course of the program.

How is a Physician Guided Weight Loss plan different from other diets?

Since it is administered by a licensed doctor, a Physician Guided Weight Loss plan can offer a lot of extra resources to help you achieve your goals, including nutritional guidance, doctor oversight and direction, and prescription weight loss aids.

Physician Guided Weight Loss plan focuses on total health and wellbeing while losing weight.

What kind of prescription diet aids are available to me during a Physician Guided Weight Loss program?

The most common weight loss aids available can be classified into three categories:

  1. Metabolic boosters: which help to speed up your metabolism and help your body burn more fat.
  2. Appetite medication: helps with between meal hunger, overeating, and snacking.
  3. Lipotropic (fat burner shots) nutrients: natural ingredients that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. They enhance liver and gallbladder’s role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal.

Medications, since overseen by a doctor, are safe and have a well-established track record of success.

How long can I stay on the program?

With our system, you can stay on the program until all desired weight has been lost. Since we employ doctors who are the best in their field at our wellness center in Tallahassee, FL, we can ensure your safety throughout the entire weight loss program.

Physician-Guided Weight Loss

I would like help dropping 75 pounds, is it possible?

Having a lot of weight to lose can feel impossible, but we can tell you that it is not the case! It just means you need a complex treatment solution instead of a short-term fad diet. Physician Guided Medical Weight Loss is likely an effective course of action for you. Dr. Thangavelu can devise a complete treatment solution and help you complete it. Today is a great time to start the journey to a new, healthy you! Contact us today so you can get started on a Physician Guided Medical Weight Loss Program tomorrow:

(850) 518-4325

The Perfect Plan for the Perfect You!

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Morpheus 8


As we age, there may come a time when we look in the mirror and almost see a stranger
looking back at us. Aging can take a real toll on our self-confidence and self-image. Sagging skin
and drooping areas of our face can make us nervous getting our picture taken, attending
weddings or meeting old friends. If you are dealing with unwanted signs of aging on your face,
there is a solution.

What is Morpheus8?
Morpheus 8 is a device designed to combine micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF) to achieve
deep fractional remodeling. Morpheus 8 does not just address superficial tissue; it directs energy
toward the fat that is notorious for creating jowls, bra rolls, and more.
Microneedling involves the use of an FDA-approved device equipped with tiny microneedles
that create invisible micro-injuries in the skin. It is non-surgical advanced needling treatment.
Fractionated RF energy is a scientifically proven method to reduce wrinkles and rebuild
collagen and fat. RF energy heats the deep layers of the skin in a controlled manner to revitalize
the collagen. These micro-injuries activate an instant wound-healing response in your body,
stimulating new collagen production and repairing the skin for a more radiant and youthful
appearance. In a series of monthly sessions, microneedling can help to reveal a more youthful
and flawless complexion with long-lasting results.
Morpheus8 combines these two processes to reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity, smooth scars and
erase imperfections on the skin’s surface. With a series of treatments, you can turn back the
clock on worn skin and allow you to enjoy a more radiant, youthful complexion for

Can Anyone Use Morpheus8?
The benefit of Morpheus8’s color blind technology is that it can be used on all skin types. It is
different from other resurfacing methods; its unique properties allow even darker tones to be
treated with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
What Areas Can Be Treated?
The most commonly treated areas include the face and neck, as well as the abdomen, which is
beneficial for tightening loose skin with underlying fatty tissue.
How long does Morpheus8 last?

Morpheus8 lasts about 1 year, but can be up to 3 years, with annual visits to maintain collagen
production. With a series of treatments, microneedling can turn back the clock on worn

Is morpheus8 worth it?
If you’re interested in non-surgical anti-aging and scar revision treatments, Morpheus is
definitely worth considering. It is also the perfect time to get started because you’ll be glowing
and fabulous for the holiday season.
Is morpheus8 treatment safe?
Morpheus8 is both safe and effective. It’s safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The
innovative technology also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is a
side effect of some resurfacing techniques.
How Often Can I Have a Morpheus8 Treatment?

It takes 28 days to make new collagen. Your skin will continue to remodel for 3 months.
However, you can stack treatments as close as 1 month apart and the results will compound upon
each other. Typically, a person in their 50’s and above will have a series of 3 Morpheus8
treatments performed with each treatment spaced 6 weeks apart.
Can Morpheus8 Be Used on Stretch Marks?
Yes, Morpheus8 decreases the appearance of stretch marks.
 If your dull or aging skin could use a refresh or you wish to minimize the
appearance of acne scars and wrinkles, call us to schedule a consultation!